Welcome to my EECS Page.


I finished my Masters in EECS at UC Berkeley. I also did my undergraduate study at UC Berkeley.

This web page contains a great deal of my undergraduate and graduate work at UC Berkeley. - Pete Perlegos.


Spring 1999:

EE140 Web Page : Linear Integrated Circuits

EE141 Web Page : Digital Integrated Circuits


Spring 2000:

CS152 Web Page : Computer Architecture


Fall 2000:

E110 Web Page : Venture Design


Fall 2001:

EE228a Web Page : High Speed Communication Networks

EE249 Web Page : Embedded System Design


Spring 2002:

CS268 Web Page : Computer Networks

CS294-3 Web Page : Distributed Service Architectures


Fall 2002:

EE201 Web Page : Strategic Computing and Communications Technology

CS294-5 Web Page : Privacy


Service Architectures : Services, MVNOs


My Research : Overlay Networks (Tapestry Project)


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