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EE249 Project Fall 2001


Title: Modeling PicoRadio in Metropolis


By: Pete Perlegos


Mentors: Marco Sgroi, Rong Chen




The basic goal of this project is to implement the PicoRadio protocol using the Metropolis meta-model.

I will use the application that consists of a set of sensors (S), controllers (C), and actuators (A). The interaction between S and C has two scenarios. The first is the Pull scenario in which controllers request data to a set of sensors upon requests from an external user. The second is Push in which sensors send data to controllers periodically. The interaction between C and A has only one scenario in which the controllers issue commands to actuators.

At the application layer level, each pair of interacting S, C, and A are connected by a reliable medium of one-hop links. This link is refined at the network layer into a multi-hop connection, where any node can be used as an intermediate hop in a path from source to destination. This multi-hop connection is essential to maximize reuse of resources and reduce power consumption.

I will implement this protocol using Metropolis to specify both the behavior and structure. This includes specifying the behavior of each block and the connections between them at each successive layer.




My Preliminary EE249 Project Presentation


My FINAL EE249 Project Presentation


My EE249 Final Report




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