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My focus has been on corporate law and my coursework can be viewed on my resume.

Below are some class papers that may be of interest to current topics.



Mass Communication: Telephone, Broadband Networks and Convergence

Broadband Regulation for Service Delivery:

Changes in technology have resulted in changes in the telecommunications market.  Today, all services are data/info that can be carried over data capable infrastructure.  The new technology is resulting in a multi-competitor market instead of the monopoly market that the old regulation is premised upon.  This market transformation, does not allow for the effective deployment of broadband or the achievement of social goals through the use of the present regulations.  Thus, regulations must be changed to fit the new technology and market.

Paper: Broadband Paper

Presentation: Broadband Presentation



Technology Licensing


Litigation is a distraction from a company’s focus on issues of developing and selling its technology.  Settling and licensing allows a company to stop investing its time and resources in litigation.  Cross-licensing also eliminates the large risks and gives a company a predictable result.

Cross-licensing is accelerating innovations by licensors and licensees in post-licensing periods by increasing innovation possibilities available to each other, through an increase in the companies’ patent portfolio size and technological categories.  This cumulative innovation benefit of cross-licensing is most apparent in industries with highly complementary patents, such as semiconductors.

Paper: Cross-Licensing Paper

Presentation: Cross-Licensing Presentation




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